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GDX 2023

Over 40,000 people in 30,000+ sqft. over three days. Discover and play new games made by indie developers, including games made right here in Alberta. Video games, table top games, VR/AR games, and more...we've got it all. At GDX, there's a game for everyone in your family.

Stay tuned in this space over the next few months to find out more about the exhibition, including purchasing K-Days tickets for exhibition access. Check below for a teaser of GDX 2023 exhibition features!

What to Expect at GDX 2023


Developer Showcase

Check out awesome indie games from across Alberta and beyond! Video games, board games, VR games, and more...we've got every kind of game you could imagine.


Esports Tournaments

Come show off your skills in the most popular titles, hosted by The Gaming Stadium! Challenge your friends to intense battles, or a friendly scrim.


Professional Development

If you are interested in entering the world of game development or esports, we will have a series of introductory talks aimed at K-12 and first-to-second year university students.


Video Game Freeplay

Just want to chill and play some games? We've got a wide selection of PC and console games for you to try out--no competitive strings attached!

Colorful Joysticks and Buttons

Evening Entertainment

New to this year, we are adding in evening entertainment for an older audience. Relax and have a drink, and experience gaming nostalgia.


Live Music

We love supporting local artists, and there will be live music--with a video game flair--at GDX 2023 again!

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