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Video Game Developers

AI Resources

If you are new to exploring and implementing AI in your projects, this page will have everything you need to know to get started. Thank you to Dr. Matthew Guzdial for compiling this list of key resources and tools!

Robot hand

Tutorials & Repositories


Other AI Game Jam Examples


Here are a couple of industry resources that you can search for talks related to AI and games.


The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is the game industry's premier professional event, championing game developers and the advancement of their craft. GDC brings the game development community together to exchange ideas, solve problems, and shape the future of the industry.

Network games

The Roguelike Celebration is a yearly community-generated weekend of talks, games, and conversations about roguelikes and related topics, including procedural generation and game design. It's for fans, players, developers, scholars, and everyone else!

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