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Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct was created specifically for game jams put on by the University of Alberta's Games Den club. Should you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Jam Rules as of November 9, 2023


0. Use your common sense.

1. Please use the /nick command to change your username to a name you use in day-to-day life in the Discord server.

2. We want to be an inclusive space for people to share their creativity. No discrimination or harassment of any sort will be tolerated. We ask that you abide by the Global Game Jam’s Code of Conduct. Be mindful of your fellow participants, and please alert an organizer or moderator if you notice intolerable behaviour.

3. Please have your game submitted to the itch page by 5:00 PM, MDT. Make sure to afford yourselves time to submit, it may take a few minutes. Uploads will no longer be possible after the end of the jam, and we want to see what you create!

4. Keep track of licensing, don’t use assets if you don’t have permission. Be sure to credit the assets you do use somewhere in the game or readme!

5. Look after yourself first. Game jams can be tiring, and this isn’t a competition. Rest up, remember to eat and drink, and make yourself your priority.

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